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Many artists have joined the movement of “daily painting”, which involves a commitment on the part of the artist to paint on a frequent basis, and complete a small painting in one sitting.  As you can probably tell from my artwork, I tend to paint in a fairly detailed, highly rendered style.  As a result, those paintings a lot of time to complete.  In order to stretch myself to paint more quickly and focus on the key elements of a painting (rather than painting too many unimportant details), I am committed to joining the daily painting movement.  I plan on having fun with these paintings, and experiment with a looser style and variety of subject matter – anything goes!  Generally these paintings will be approximately 6″ X 6″ in order to allow for completion in one session.  

I plan to offer these paintings for sale at a low price, and each painting will be sold to the first person to email me offering to buy the painting.  If any painting does not sell within a reasonable period of time, it will be removed from my website so check back often!  If you sign up for my newsletter (see footer), I will notify you when a new painting is posted.  I will post new paintings whenever I can, allowing for occasional travel plans and our new house construction project!

I’d love to hear from you with ideas for subject matter for these paintings, and any and all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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