Commissioned Artwork

Installing "Tulips"
"Tulips" Oil on Stretched Canvas (36" x 72")
Digital Painting of Jet on Stretched Canvas
"Jet" Digital Painting

I am available to do commissioned artwork, in oil painting or digital format.  Quotes are provided on request, having regard to the size and complexity of the project in question.  My commissioned pieces have ranged from small to large oil paintings, as well as digital artwork.

My first major commissioned oil painting was a large composition done for a couple to fit a recessed space above their china cabinet in their beautiful home (“Tulips”, as shown above).  The space in question was roughly six feet wide and two feet high at either end, with an arch to three feet in the middle.  This was a bit of a challenge!  I had a custom canvas built to fit the space precisely, and then we decided on a bright tulip composition that picked up colours from other artwork and decor in their home.  There were a few anxious moments when the painting fell behind the cabinet while it was being hung.  Fortunately the painting survived unscathed – as did the artist!

The other commissioned artwork I do is digital paintings (see “Jet”).  These are paintings created through a process using specialized software and computer equipment, and are usually based on a photo of the subject matter in question.  These are particularly well-suited to pets and children, but any subject matter is possible. Since the typical oil painting materials are not required, digital paintings are generally less expensive than oil paintings.  This artwork can be printed on stretched canvas (just like an oil painting), but can also be printed on other materials such as metal, wood and even glass!  As you might imagine, you can get some very unique and creative effects with this process!

Oil Painting Yosemite in Winter on Stretched Canvas 72" X 24"
"Yosemite in Winter" - Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas (24" x 72")
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