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oil painting pet portrait
"This Little Piggy...Ferdinand"

“This Little Piggy…Ferdinand”

Oil on Linen Panel

12″ x 9″

Original:  $875

Giclee Print:  $185

When my daughter was still in vet school, one of her classmates took care of this little guy for a while before a new home was found for him.  When I saw the photo she had taken of him, I knew I had to paint it!  He makes me smile whenever I look at him – I even have him as my screen saver on my phone.  They don’t get much cuter than this – especially with that big smile on his face!

oil painting pet portrait


Oil on Canvas Board

12″ X 9″


Giclee Print:  $185

This is a portrait of our goofy, slightly crazy (but always adorable) Australian Labradoodle, Lily.  A looser, random style seemed to fit her personality better than a more tightly rendered painting of her.  I did a portrait of our other “Doodle”, Finn, last year, so now it was Lily’s turn.  The two of them are absolutely inseparable.

French Saddle Horse Portrait Oil on Linen Board 12" x 9"
"French Saddle Horse"

“French Saddle Horse”

Oil on Linen Board

12″ X 9″

Original:  $875

Giclee Print:  $185

This is a portrait of a beautiful French Saddle Horse, based (with permission) on a photo taken by a prominent equine photographer, Bob Langrish (click here to visit his website).  Over his 37 year career, he has taken a staggering 400,000 photos of horses!



Oil on Stretched Canvas

12″ X 9″

Original:  SOLD

Giclee Print:  $185

This is a portrait of a lovely elderly Labradoodle named Myha.  She is a very sweet, gentle soul and I was happy to be asked to do this portrait of her.

"At the Pow Wow"

“At the Pow Wow”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

24″ X 16″

Original:  $1800

Giclee Print:  $225

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Pow Wow a few years ago by two professional photographers, Perry Mah and Bert Crowfoot.  Bert  is the great-great grandson of Chief Crowfoot and a prominent figure amongst the Canadian Indigenous people (http://www.bertcrowfootphotography.com/).  My husband and I were introduced to the gathering as guest photographers attending at the invitation of Bert.  It was an amazing event and I took (literally) hundreds of photos.  I especially loved the vibrant colours and passion clearly visible in the performances of the dancers throughout the day – it was a very memorable experience.  This is a painting I did of one of the young men just as he was about to perform his dance.  (Note:  model fee paid)

"After the Pow Wow"

“After the Pow Wow”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

24″ X 16″

Original:  $1800

Giclee Print:  $225

This is a painting of another photo I took at the Pow Wow mentioned above.  It was the end of a (very) long and hot day, and we were headed back to our vehicles when I spotted this young dancer just sitting quietly by himself off to the side.  I had enjoyed watching him perform during the day so I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few photos – they ended up being some of the best ones I got all day!  I couldn’t resist painting him!  (Note:  model fee paid)



Oil on Stretched Canvas

18″ X 14″

Original:  $2150

Giclee Print:  $205

After doing the other two Indigenous paintings, I decided to tackle something a bit more challenging.  This is a painting of the famous Apache warrior, Geronimo, based on a photo that was taken of him in 1909, which was also the year he died.  Geronimo has a fascinating history that I would encourage you to Google!  Of course photography back then was nothing like it is now, so the photo I had to work from was very grainy and in black and white.  Since I wanted this painting to be as authentic as possible, I consulted with Bert who coached me on colours, appearance, type of materials, etc. that I would need to incorporate into the painting in order to make it appear authentic.  I didn’t escape his studio that day without passing a quiz on identifying various different types of eagle feathers!

Himalayan Yak Herder Oil on Canvas 8" x 8"
"Himalayan Yak Herder"

“Himalayan Yak Herder”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

8″ X 8″



I love the expression on this fellow’s face – I always imagine that he has just told someone something funny!  I was a bit intimidated by the prospect of painting this gentleman’s face, but the most challenging part of the painting turned out to be his turban.  There were just so many folds!

Mt Rundle in Winter, Banff National Park, Canada
"Mt Rundle, Banff National Park"

“Mt Rundle, Banff National Park”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

24″ X 36″

Original:   $2700

Giclee Print:  $285

Banff has always been a special place for me.  Growing up in Western Canada, I have always loved the mountains, especially in the winter.  I spent many happy family holidays camping near Banff, and we would often go canoeing on the Vermillion Lakes, which you see here in the foreground.  Banff is truly a magical place.  This painting is based, with permission, on a photograph taken by renowned photographer, Tim Fitzharris (http://www.timfitzharris,com).

Tranquility Oil Painting


Oil on Stretched Canvas

20″ X 30″

Original:  $2250

Giclee Print:  $250

This is a painting I did several years ago.  I love the way the light and shadows play off against each other in contrast to the vivid colours of the flowers.  It was a bit of a “rite of passage” for me, as I think every artist has to do a water lily painting at some point in their career!

Pansies Oil on Stretched Canvas, 12" x 12"


Oil on Stretched Canvas

12″ X 12″

Original:   $1075

Giclee Print:  $190

Purple has always been my favourite colour (for as long as I can remember, anyway!) so when I decided to repaint my dining room to “brighten up the house”, of course the colour I chose was – you guessed it – purple!  Then of course I needed a painting to brighten up the dining room, hence the pansies.  I used to always plant pansies on my deck in a big planter, until one of my dogs discovered that they were quite tasty!

Oil Painting of Banff Springs Hotel Golf Course, Banff, Canada
"Banff Springs Hotel Golf Course"

“Banff Springs Hotel Golf Course”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

18″ X 24″

Original:   $1890

Giclee Print:  $230

My grandfather used to golf at this golf course, located at the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Canada.  It has probably changed a lot since he used to golf there, but it still is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Canada (in my opinion!)

Oil Painting of Chateau Whistler Golf Course, Whistler, British Columbia
"Chateau Whistler Golf Course"

“Chateau Whistler Golf Course”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

24″ X 24″

Original:  SOLD

Giclee Print:  $250

This is another beautiful spot in Canada for golf – the Chateau Whistler Hotel Golf Course in Whistler, British Columbia. I almost got a par on this hole!  Whistler is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with world-class skiing in the winter and hiking and other outdoor activities in the summer.

Lake House Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas 18" x 12"
"Lake House"

“Lake House”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

18″ x 12″

Original:  SOLD

Giclee Print:  $199

This is a painting of a lovely home I have spent many happy hours at over the years with very good friends….nothing but happy memories at this place!  It is right on the water on the beautiful Okanagan Lake in British Columbia and is one of my favourite spots to visit!  All that’s missing in this painting are the dogs and kids that are usually running in and out of the house!

Oil Painting of Norma Hawley
"Norma Hawley"

“Norma Hawley”

Oil on Stretched Canvas

24″ X 18″



My parents had portraits commissioned of my sister and me when we graduated, and after my father died a colleague of his (Tag Kim) painted a wonderful portrait of him.  Since my mother was the only family member without a portrait, I painted this as a surprise for her 80th birthday.  Sadly she is no longer with us but I tried to capture her bright, happy personality in this painting.

Oil Painting of Finn


Oil Painting on Linen Panel

12″ X 9″


Giclee Print:  $185

Finn is our beloved Aussiedoodle who joined our family eight years ago.  In the fall of 2016 I did a photo shoot of Finn (who turned out to be an amazingly patient subject!), and then used one of the photos to paint this portrait of him at a pet painting workshop in Calgary, Alberta conducted by the very talented artist, Adeline Halvorson (http://www.adelinehalvorson.com/).

"Horse Portrait"

“Horse Portrait”

Oil Painting on Stretched Canvas

9″ x 12″

Original:  SOLD

Giclee Print:  $185

This is a portrait of a lovely mare, based on a photograph taken by the very talented artist, Adeline Halvorson (http://www.adelinehalvorson.com/).  I was fortunate enough to attend two workshops conducted by Adeline this year.  This painting, and the one of Finn (above) were the projects from those two workshops.  When I was in my teens, all I did was draw horses – doing this painting has gotten me excited to do more horse paintings.  There are few creatures more elegant and beautiful.

NOTE:    Prices do not include shipping or framing.  Prints may be ordered in various sizes (prices shown are for the same size as the original painting).

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